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Episode 12: Interview with Simon Fisher of

November 16, 2018

The Australian Government's business portal has been led through massive customer centric change the past 10 years by Simon Fisher.

In this particular interview we talk around what's the Australian Government approach is towards a customer-centric digital service delivery to business, particularly in a federated environment.

We talk about how Simon has been at in using social media, search engine optimization and other strategies to get the message out about the resources on the website at relatively minimal cost.

And also to start looking at the practical steps that they have taken to convert complex content and concepts into plain English.

Now this is a really interesting thing when Simon starts talking around this element, around how do you get the lawyers on board and signing off on plain English where you've removed all the bureaucratic legalese out of things, but yet it's still actually able to stand up so to speak in a court of law.

So that's a really interesting part of the interview, we also go on and talk around the differences between usability testing in a controlled environment and actually going to the place where business owners are actually using their computers when they're conducting their business.

And of course, we also touch on how measures the time and money saving that they've been able to deliver to businesses and I suppose more from that qualitative point of view, what those business owners have been able to do with that time and money that they've been able to save.

So a really great interview, this is a little bit long just under an hour, but I think you'll find there's lots and lots of great things to learn from this particular interview.

I must admit I recorded this one with Simon face-to-face. So the first face-to-face interview I've done on the show and this was actually done in a very small office where it was a little bit echoey. So I do apologize for the audio quality.

It's probably not quite as good as normal, but that being said I think you'll still find the information in it is really, really useful.

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